Deed of gift – revocation – irrevocable – foul words

Deed of gift – revocation – irrevocable gift – foul words – modern approach – it constitute gross ingratitude – In the instant case, the trial court held that quarrelling and speaking in filth itself amounted to ingratitude. The Court of Appeal upheld the said finding and held further, that the assault too was a ground to revoke the gift – state of mind of the donee

“Based upon the facts of this case and specifically the intimidation, use of foul language,
the assault and the law pertaining to revocation of an irrevocable deed of gift for gross
ingratitude more fully discussed in detail earlier, it is the considered view of this Court that the
District Court and the Court of Appeal have correctly held that the acts and actions of the
defendant the donee son, towards the original plaintiff the donor father, amounts to ingratitude
which justifies the revocation of the irrevocable deed of gift, given and gifted to a son with
love and affection by a father.”

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